Got up this morning to glorious sunshine. It is still warm and sunny here most days but the temperatures have dropped making it perfect work weather.
Last week we had some rain, just as a new visitor arrived. This softened the ground up enabling us to work around the garden for the first time in months. The weather forecast for last week was rain every day but it only rained one day (Sunday), We were hoping for a lot more but it never came.
We have been in contact with a local man about the well. He is very busy but has said he will pay us a visit when he is next in the area. As I am very impatient this is not really ideal so I have had to set a realistic time frame of the well being finished by Christmas 2015!!!!! Any time before this will be a bonus!
Back to last week and all the work that has been done here. Kev and Chris spent the week putting the new fencing up. They got all the outside finished and the posts in the middle, splitting the land into 2 runs. 

The outside going up

The middle posts cutting the land into 2 runs.

While they were doing the fencing, I cracked on with the permaculture garden. I got the second reed bed dug out, along with all the trenches. I planted the brassica seedlings in some of the mounds and we are using the washing up water to water them. The mounds are seeming to hold the water for longer so hopefully in a few months we will have lots of vegetables to cook.

All that is needed now is the straw to go in the trenches

Chris left us on Saturday afternoon and Jan and Rick arrived Saturday night. So this week Kev is hoping to get the fencing finished and all the tensioning wires in. We are hoping by mid week to get the animals moved into their new runs.

Someone left the gate open to the rabbit run in the week. We got up to rabbits all over the land. The morning was spent trying to get them back! 3 were just having none of it but were happy to have photos taken. We spent much of the time laughing as well as being frustrated... but it keeps us fit! 

This is one of the 3 hiding in the duck house!