This week has been pretty uneventful. The daylight hours are getting noticeably shorter and this means that we have to cram in the daily chores in less time. Not a problem you may think but we did get caught out one the bar-b-que meal by torch light.
We are both extremely tired. We have been working solidly for the last 4 months. Getting up with the light and working in the cool of the day. This last week the siestas have stopped and our bodies are noticing the lack of sleep.
We have had a week without any visitors. The house has been very quiet. We have been busy working on the house, getting the front room finished. The room has been completely renovated. It looks like a different place now and we love it. All that is left to do on the house now is a couple of ceilings need replacing. This will wait until October when we have Kev's brothers coming to visit. Between the 3 of them I am sure these 2 jobs will get done.

It is still a bit warm to light the range to cook on. So the bar-b-que comes in very handy. We are getting very good at cooking roast potatoes and parcels of vegetables. We are discussing how to make a makeshift oven for it. We have thought about using a tin over the flames...that is until we can build the cobb oven that we want.

The spinach and squash were planted out this week. We thought the summer squash would be finished by now, but the cooler nights seem to have given them a second lease of life. They are covered in flowers and are beginning to produce a lot of fruit. With the extra plants that I have put out I can see storing for the winter will be the way to go. I will have to check out recipes on the internet. Other than jams and chutneys, I have not really had any dealings with canning goods. I guess it will be trial and error as most of our learning has been here.

The poults (baby turkeys) are now the size of their mum. We think we have 3 males and 4 females. The two from the incubator we are going to keep as our next breeding stock. Hopefully next spring we will have 2 hatchings.
Cranberry is still laying eggs every day. 2 weeks ago she looked like she was sitting again, but after 2 days she got off the eggs. We removed them all and she started laying again. Paxo is still displaying and mounting fingers crossed she may raise another brood before the autunm is over.

The plums that we picked have taken about 3 weeks to ripen. I am waiting to make a batch of plum sauce to store. We visualise crispy duck and pancakes one night for dinner.

The 5 ducks are all getting to maturity. There is a power struggle going on between the 3 males. We are thinking that one has to go...but which one?  There are problems at feeding time as they fight over who gets the food. The losers just stand and watch the winner eat.

We have 2 cockerels coming to maturity out on the land. They are beautiful colours but they are stressing the main flock as they are pushing their luck with the hens. The poor dad cockerel is working overtime fending off the younger ones from his hens and reinforcing to the hens that he is their mate! He must feel as worn out as we do with all the energy he is expelling.
We have decided that these 2 cockerels have to go too.

The bunnies are still escape artists. We saw one the other evening, playing with the ducks. They run around the land happily and then go back in the pen for food or to sleep. We thought that if they got out they would just run off, but this isn't the case. Obviously they know where home is and at the minute are quite happy there. Dumpling (the doe) may be pregnant again as we had a bit of a mishap and she managed to get in the pen with Stew (the buck) and suffice it to say the deed had been done with in 2 minutes! These kits are due next week so we could have more baby bunnies running around the land chasing the ducks!

The 4 latest chicks to hatch from the incubator are coming up to 4 weeks old. They will be put outside in a run at the weekend as they are getting too big for their box. This will be just in time for the next lot to hatch. We have tried to plan hatchings with visitors so that they get to see this little miracle. Our next visitors arrive on Saturday and the eggs are due to hatch on Tuesday. Hopefully they will get to watch.
One of the bantam hens that we have bred has gone broody again. She is sitting on 7 of her own eggs in the available rabbit hutch. They are due to hatch in just under 2 weeks now. She is coming out once a day for food and water and if she doesn't then we place it in the hutch with her to make sure she gets something.

There is one thing that has struck me whilst writing this blog. I said in the beginning that it was an uneventful week. I wonder, is there such a thing when living the life we do. The animals are a constant source of amusement with their antics and obviously we are learning about their habbits all the time.