Got up this morning to a cloudy sky. It was humid and hot as the sun was rising. As I went out for my walk the sun tried to break through the clouds and the temperature began to rise. By the time I got home at 7.30am it must have been 25º.This week they are predicting another heat wave above 40º. I am so glad we have a pool to cool off in although it is almost too warm to really cool down.

As for the garden, other than picking the produce there is nothing going on. We have been picking tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, courgettes and sweetcorn too. This is the first year we have been able to grow enough to can it. I want to freeze the cobs and can the kernels. 

 We are talking about planting the Autumn crops but the ground is just so dry and hard We have a friend with goats and we get the manure. We are hoping if it is cool enough that we can go and fetch some and prepare the ground out on the land for a second planting.

Since the weather has been so hot we have been working inside. We are having the bathroom revamped for mum, to ensure she will be able to shower as her disease progresses. Kev has been helping with this and it is looking great It is like a wet room now with no step into the shower and no door to open either.

While Kev has been busy with this I have been cleaning. Now that we have mum staying with us the cleaning regime has had to change. She has asthma and eczema and is allergic to lots of things. This means that every day the house has to be cleaned to remove dust. Everything is wet dusted, all cushions banged outside, covers hung on washing lines while I hoover right through. Having 3 dogs live here and dust free do not mix, but I try! 
On top of this, every week I try to deep clean a room. This means wash everything down from ceiling to floor. This week I have been doing the kitchen using my homemade cleaning products. there are no strong chemicals to make mum´s asthma start and they are good to the environment too!

On one of my walks I found honey suckle growing wild. I picked some and brought it home. I put it in water and left it. A week later we have roots. I am thinking about planting this along the fence with some rose cuttings too. The splash of colour should be lovely in the summer.