Apologies for not posting again last week. I was away in the city of Cuenca, where I used to work. There was a retirement for a friend. It was lovely to see everyone again although I don't think I could go back to living in a city full time. It felt too enclosed and I was glad to get back to the fresh air and natural noise of campo life!
We start a new month with raging temperatures, up to 38 degrees so far. It has been very, very humid, even sitting makes you sweat, so work is out of the question. Other than the normal chores of feeding and watering the animals and watering the plants, nothing much has happened here. We have had a couple of thunder storms, with a good amount of rain falling both times. Enough rain fell not to have to water for at least 2 days. It also means the water store is filling up. It is no where near full but at least there is some water in it now.
As for the animals. Our baby rabbits are almost fully grown. Harry the escape artist rabbit is still bounding around the land and garden. He eats with Josephines chicks and Dora and Dorris the ducklings and then squashes under the gate and eats the chicken food too.

This is Harry posing in the garden...just before George chased him!

Dora and Dorris are growing fast. They now live outside all day, free ranging around the garden. They eat insects that they can find, love catching flies and munch happily on ants too. Dora is beginning to get her feathers and is now too big to pick up in one hand. We still bring them in a night but we are thinking that soon they will be staying out. We won't put them out onto the land until they both are fully feathered, as we don't want the others bullying them.
There is only 9 days between them but they look so different!

Josephine has left her chicks to fend for themselves and is back laying eggs. She seems to like my crocus pot on the enclosed terrace, roosting there at night and laying her eggs in it. We must have the only chicken on the planet that brings her eggs to us ha ha.
Josephine entering the terrace...she can even move the nets to get in!!!!

Josephines chicks, having a morning rest after feeding.

Since the last storm we have been trying to water twice a day. The mounds and terracing are staying damp much longer than the rest of the garden. We are hoping that if we can keep them damp that when we plant out the Autumn crops they will thrive. 
This month we want to build raised beds at the back of the house. It is in shade all day only getting the sun first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We are going to set up a watering system using the washing up water from the sink. For the last 4 years we have not been able to put this water down the sink, instead we put it into a mop bucket and carry it out to the garden for the veggies. This is the last thing to bring into the 20th century. When this has been done, we will be living off grid but with most of the normal, expected things we would have had in England and if I am honest I cannot wait!