Kev has been away from the house all week. He did get Friday at home. He decided to do all the little jobs that get put off and put off through lack of time.
First he got up on the roof to clean out the water runnels that lead to the water store. Rain was forecast for Friday evening and the last thing we wanted was the pipes to get blocked with debris.
Next he decided to clean out all the animal shelters. This is becoming a longer and longer task although we are collecting all the droppings for the compost to put on the garden.

We had a duck go lame last week and every day we have been putting him in the pond to give him exercise and get him using his legs again. Today he was standing up. This is a very good sign as we were beginning to think he would need culling if he couldn't walk. So we can now add animal physio to the list of skills we have developed.
The last couple of weeks we have had a little kitten around the garden. It is very thin and keeps coming onto the terrace and ripping open the bin bags looking for food. Thursday night we gave in and gave it some food. Normally these kittens are feral and sit at a distance, but this little one allowed us to touch it. Friday it was fed again, so now I guess it has moved in and we need to think of a name. Kev said Belson as he is so thin. We are hoping that he will add to the place by keeping the mice down.
The two little turkey poults are doing well and growing fast. They spent Friday outside in the run with Forest and co. They seemed to love it. They are still coming in at night but this will stop in about 2 weeks when they are bigger than the chicks. It is a good way to teach them how to behave as the chicks have the instinct and the turkeys copy them.
We are still waiting to see if Cranberry has hatched any poults. She wouldn't come out of the run on Friday, which is not normal behaviour for her, so we are hoping this is a good sign. We will keep you posted!