The weather here has been a bit of a mixture over the last week. We have had hot days, in the 30's and also rain. It is cooling down now, this week is predicted to be 20-25 degrees. This may mean we actually get some work done.
This past week has been all change for our little chicks. The 6 week old ones were moved to the larger run with our white cockerel. The 3 week old ones were moved to the outdoor run and are now staying out all the time. The first night none of them knew where to go to sleep and just made lots of noise until we went to show them what to do...after that, they put themselves to bed without a sound. They learn fast!

6 week old chick in the new run

3 week old chicks in their new run.

We had some excitement this week. We went down to feed the turkeys and found 9 little poults just hatched. The next day was spent sorting out the run so that they cannot squeeze through the fence holes. We have a hawk flying around and the last thing we want is for it to get the chance to take one.

Poults eating mums food.
We have now got 7 almost fully grown poults from the first brood and now another 9 little ones to grow up ready for Easter. Paxo and Cranberry have done us proud considering the state they were in when we got them last year. They are obviously happy and feel safe with us. We are going to keep another breeding pair, for next year, from the first brood. Hopefully next year we will have double the babies and be able to sell some at Christmas.