Another month passes, the seasons are changing from summer to autumn. I love this time of year. It is cool enough now to begin some of the jobs we have been planning all summer. The temperatures here are mid to high twenties. We have to ensure we still drink plenty of fluids through out the day but it is lovely to be out in the garden doing jobs again. 
All of the almonds have been picked, husked and sold. We got just over 300kg this year. Not as good a crop as last year, the frosts came at blossom time, always a bad sign, but we are happy none the less. The husks we use on our paths and garden as mulch. As you can imagine we have quite a lot so it adds a considerable amount of organic material to our soil.

Husks on the paths

This week has seen us working on the front bed by the gate. This is the first raised bed we built with layers. We have decided to make this our permanent fruit bed. It will have strawberries, raspberries, black, red and white currants and any other berry plants we can source. We have chosen this site as in the summer the trees give shade to the plants underneath. Our fruit plants always die in summer as it is just too hot. Fingers crossed for the coming year. We have added rabbit manure, straw and husks to the top of the bed. This should release a range of nutrients for the plants and surpress weed growth around them.

Strawberries and black currant planted

The rabbit manure is from our rabbit runs. We have decided to revamp them this winter. We want to build bigger burrows and cover them with soil. Grass and herbs will be planted to give the rabbits a choice in food. We didn't do this before as we had no water to keep the plants alive but now we do. The idea is to provide the rabbits with a little bought feed as a supplement, their main source being what grows naturally. We are also taking the 6 runs down to 4. One will be for the buck and another for the doe. Hers is bigger as she will be having babies. The babies, when weaned will be moved into a bigger run and grow until culling time. We will have 2 of these big runs and so can have 2 lots of babies at any one time, in theory anyway. Next year will see if it works.

Run cleared to the under netting
Kev has been busy moving the water pump this week. We want to change the big water store into a drying room for curing meats and storing cheese. This has been used for house water but as we now have the well we can convert it for a different purpose. Kev has built a plinth for the pump. He will be building around the outside to make a box and keep the weather off of the pump. We will also have to insulate the water pipes as in the past they have frozen leaving us without running water.

Our water pump under a plastic cover at the minute