The weather here this week has been up and down. We have had warm, sunny days with strong winds with temperatures getting up to about 20ºC but also cloudy cold days with temps not going above 12ºC. We had rain predicted for the weekend and it came with a vengeance Saturday afternoon. We had thunder storms all evening, the lightening lit up the night sky on both sides of our house. 
Work here has been busy. We have started planning and preparing for our project this month. We are going to fence off some of the first chicken run to use as a vegetable bed. We are hoping that we will be able to grow crops for storage on this piece of land. We are using the top part of the field, the bit where nothing grows. It has bedrock very close to the surface and a dusty, clay based soil about 1cm thick on top. Obviously we will have to improve the soil. We can add organic matter and a top soil too, to build beds that are deep enough to support our plants.

At the beginning of the week I was cooking and canning. I made faggots (an English meat ball) to go in the freezer and canned about 10 jars of pork to go in the store room. This was to make some room in the freezer for the chickens that were ready for culling. We also did a few ducks leaving just one male.

A while ago we had an animal attack that took our 2 female ducks, so our male had no lady friends. A friend of ours offered us some of hers. We went and collected them and now  our drake has 4 ladies to live with. I cannot wait to see little ducklings out on the land. 

Kev has been out 3 times this week looking for pruned wood. This wood is for next years fires. There is a range of olive and almond wood and a range of sizes too. We chop it and stack it, making sure we have a range of sizes for both fires. Then it sits for a year to season before burning.