Got up very early today as George was not very well and needed to keep going out! Bless...I wasn't saying that at 4.30am! As the sun rose over the mountains we just knew it was going to be a good day to get some decent work done.
Kev started off by cleaning out all the water containers for the animals, while I stripped our first cherry tree of its cherries. Considering the tree is only just coming up for 3 years old we were surprised that there were nearly 60 cherries on it. Kev counted them just to make sure!


We had one solitary cherry last year and hopefully next year, we will have a reasonable crop. We do have another tree with about the same amount on but they are not ripe yet. They may be picked next week.
While we were busy we noticed that Cranberry had come out of her house. There was a mad dash for the camera, running up the land before she went back in. We wanted to know if her eggs had hatched.


There are 7 new little additions here. This morning Cranberry was still sitting on the rest of the eggs, but by this afternoon she had given up. In the afternoon she took the poults to meet their dad. He was displaying for all he was worth.
To see a video posted on you tube click on the link.
We are so happy she has managed to hatch some this time. We really feel like things are going according to plan. Trouble is now we are trying to work out a feeding pattern that allows the poults to get enough food without thier dad pinching it all!

After this mammoth event I picked up the strimmer and cut all the weeds down in the front and around the fruit trees. I found so many snails hidden in the damp grass. They are what have been eating my herb seedlings...they had to go! This afternoon we let the troop of ducks into the garden and they spent a happy 2 hours just munching their way through them! Tomorrow the same will happen again and possibly every day in the coming week. That is how many snails we have!

At dinner time we put the lame duck into the pond again for his physio. The female sat on the rocks watching him. When he got out he stood up and tried to walk. She came and sat by him and they spent the afternoon together before he went back in his make shift pen for feeding time.