Kev has been at work for the last 4 days. We are hoping to use the money to get the house sorted. We need 3 new windows, 3 new interior doors and then laminate flooring in the front room and 2 spare bedrooms. We are also contemplating whether to build a fireplace in the front room to make a feature of the wood burner.
Today Kev got home about 4pm and we had been robbed. The thieves took one bank of batteries (we have 2) but they cut all the we have no electricity. We think that either they were disturbed or George did his job as they left in a hurry leaving their tools behind. Hopefully he took a good lump out of one of them!!!!
Luckily they didn´t take the generator so we can run that to give us power until we can get reconnected. It´s a bit worrying because Kev is always here and so it feels like someone was watching to know that he was out. We have decided that he won´t be going out to work again until the house is secure and the batteries are safe.
This may seem a bit drastic to some of you reading this, but when you consider that the 6 batteries cost almost 3000 euros to us it makes sense.