I have been wishing August away and now we are in September and what a busy week this has been. Not really busy for us but with friends coming in to help us improve our living standards.
The reason there was no post last week was because we were off line Monday and Tuesday. Our friend Nathan arrived to upgrade the solar for us. We now have an all singing, all dancing 48 volt system installed. A new outback inverter and charge controller that is much quieter than the old one. One of our existing panels was broken so we are just working on 7 panels at the minute but even so our energy input has gone from 700 watts to almost 1000 watts just with the change over. Not only this but the inverter is 3000 watt,meaning we can put loads of up to that wattage on together. In layman's terms this means we can have the water pump, pool pump, fridge, freezer and washing machine on all together without worrying we will damage the inverter.

As you can see it has had to be installed upside down...something to do with the existing wiring!

 We still have another 4 panels to go up on the roof but we have to wait for another friend to build a metal frame to mount them on. This may be a long wait possibly up to November. We have level 3 fire risk warnings here now almost every day which means no equipment that produces sparks or flames can be used. Since our friend needs to weld the frame up on the roof, this will not be possible until either the rains come or the fire risk level drops.
Wednesday we went to collect the parts of the kitchen that had not been delivered. Worktops and the sink and a few other bits a pieces. We also bought a new boiler for the kitchen and a new water pump for outside. Our poor old water pump was sticking and making some really odd noises so we decided to be proactive and sort the problem before it stopped working altogether. Although saying that, since changing to the 48 volt system the pump has not stuck once. We are going to keep the old pump and Kev will strip it down and clean it thoroughly so that we can use this as a back up in the future.
Thursday was spent building more units and fitting some of the doors. Kev pulled a muscle this day and was hobbling badly. This would not normally be a problem...he would lay up for a bit until it was better...but on the 10th September we have visitors arriving and this kitchen has to be done. Talk about good timing and Sod´s Law strikes again!
Another friend, Chris came to the rescue. He arrived Saturday morning and spent his weekend moving the water pipes, fitting the boiler, installing the worktops and sorting the sink. There were so many problems with things not having the correct bits and the walls being wonky...(normally you would say off level but the only word that correctly describes the walls in our house is wonky!) that it is still not completely finished but we have a working kitchen in all the important areas.
New boiler fitted

My new massive sink...I can fit everything in here, even the stuff from the oven.