This morning when we got up it looked like it would be a really hot day. Then the wind picked up and kept the temperatures down.
We started of the day by planning and marking out the new raised bed we are going to build. This is by the gates at the entrance to the property. We have not really paid any attention to this area of the garden. It has always been the place to put any rubbish that was waiting to go to the bins. Not the week progresses it should change beyond all recognition.



We are finding all the rocks around the garden and land. Just marking this out with the base rocks took the best part of 2 hours. I will post more pics as the week goes on.

Belson the cat is in a poorly way. He is so thin. We are very worried that he may not get any better but we are feeding him regularly and making sure he has water. I got out a bowl of water and washed his tail, legs and back end today. He just stood there and let me... so you know he is not well!


Even George tolerates this poorly kitten. He has sniffed at him but has not gone to eat him...yet!

The ducks were let out onto the garden again today. They spent a good 2 hours looking for snails. We will get rid of those snails!


They have done a good job, clearning about 1/8 of the garden. They will be about 2 stone heavier by the time they have finished either that or sick of snails!