Got up this morning to glorious sunshine and no wind. At 8am I was sitting outside on the terrace with a cup of tea. It seems a long time since I have had the pleasure of doing that. It is a perfect start to any day!
Today was the first time the chicks went outside in their little run. We put the brooder out there with them because the breeze seemed a bit chilly but they didn't use it. They had a wonderful time running around and scratching and drove George bonkers haha. While they were outside I cleaned their box out and when they came in I had to soak their feet in warm water to remove the build up of poo! Even though we clean them out everyday they poo so much that it sticks to their feet. Oh who thought breeding chickens would be this eventful? Perhaps I should write a page about chickens and their poo!
At 11am Modesto turned up with loads of lamb chops for us. This is payment for the work Kev is doing for him. We have loads of lamb in the freezer now.  We had breakfast with him, bar-b-qued chops,eggs, bread and of course wine!
Kev went off with him to fetch us milk for another cheese making session tomorrow.
I set about making Kev's favourite chocolates. Coconut balls covered in chocolate. They now sit in the fridge calling for us to eat them!
All that is left to do today is to light the fire, sit with vino in the warm enjoying each others company and deciding what we will do tomorrow.