Wow can´t believe it´s been over a week since last wrote anything. Doesn´t seem to be much happening around here this week.
I have taken cuttings from the grape vines to plant in the stone planters in the spring. Also took cuttings of the herbs too...thinking about planting them around the garden to add some greenery in the summer when it is too hot for anything else to grow. I planted them up in Kev´s old tobacco tubs...they are cardboard so should rot as and when we plant them out.

Kev has been building a chick house, so that the chicks can go out in the run next week full time. It´s fun at the moment trying to catch them to bring them back inside...they don´t want to be caught and can half run!!!!! Drama was had this of the chicks escaped and went behind the compost bin...George the dog almost had and early dinner but we got there just in time!!!
      New chick house                                                     Chick already perching
He also went looking for more wood with a friend. They got 2 and a 1/2 people carriers full...this means that we are getting there with the free wood for the winter. He should be going out again next week to where the fires have been...this will mean charred wood which is still ok to burn and helps the government clear the old wood away.
Today I was thinking about making cleaning products for the house. I don´t want to have to buy them any more as most of them affect the water for the plants. Check out this page!
Also was researching making soaps at home...don´t know whether to do it from scratch (website) or whether to cheat a little (website). Either way its homemade liquid and hard soaps that are biodegradable and less harmful to the plants.