It´s getting a bit mad here...we want to have concreted some of the terrace as we have both sets of parents coming for Easter!!! Are we mad or what. We are frantically trying to get the rubble and stones into the terrace so that at least one side is flat enough to walk on. We don´t want anyone breaking bones!!!!! Weekends are spent me mixing concrete and Kev pouring and tamping...but we feel like we are really getting there!!!! Oh and by the way the builders turned up and finished the pool so we had 7 water deliveries and filled it ready for our parents visit...(por fin!!!! finally!!!)

The first herb wheel is complete and planted with sage, basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, garlic and flat leaved parsley. Just got to wait for them all to grow. Have planted the salad crops too...lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chillies, spring onions and radish. All of the seeds we planted in the back beds are doing well as the rains are here on and Kev is very happy that he isn´t having to water as much. We really need to set up a watering system as the watering is taking an hour a day and its a lot of work.

Had a great time with the parents...they were amazed by all the work we had done. My parents brought the recycled chicken the chickens now have a lovely new home to live in. We planted the soft fruit bushes, raspberries, white, red and black currants. The citrus tress are now in and growing well. We have lemons, limes, oranges and manderines at the that is the sangria taken care of!

Bedroom is complete...builder had left and Kev, bless him, laid the woooden floor in 2 days as a surprise for me when I got home on Friday. It looks fab. Have been and bought curtain rails and curtains and it is looking like a bedroom. The walk in wardrobe is my dream...and I love it...well worth the money!!! The bathroom is useable but doesn´t look very good as needs tiling and flooring...but we will get there