We are both still working away from the house 4 days a week. The money is good but the work is not getting done. Kev has been asked to go away to teach... for 2 weeks!!!!! So that leaves me here trying to do it all...not fun, but I do get the bed to myself!!! haha

Kev has almost finished the fencing but now that he is away it has all stopped. I am working until 7pm from 8am and then when i get home I have to water the plants and feed the animals. By about 8.30pm I sit down to eat and then go to bed to start all over the next day.

I have been building planters along the front of the pergola. I have built 3 so far with just 2 more to go. It´s getting a bit too hot now though so will have to wait until after the summer.

Not too bad a job for my first time building!