This month we are having the builders in again!!!! It´s so hot we NEED a pool to cool down in. So in 4 weeks time we should have a pool to swim in. Shame I will be back at work by then!!!!
We have made a make do outdoor shower that enables us to cool down and wash. There is a small water tank above it that Kev fills with buckets of water and the sun heats it up during the day...but this is a lot of work and I cant wait to be able to have running water again!!!! Seems like years not weeks!

Good news the insurance money came through for the solar panels...we have ordered 2 soon we will have electricity again.

End of the month panels installed and working well. Stress levels in the house are beginning to decrease as things seem to be looking up and we have a wedding to go to in Alicante...fantastic!

Got back from the wedding and the builders had removed the fireplace in the kitchen for us free of room for the second hand wood burning stove we have just bought