Still grouting the´s getting boring now. Got lots of visitors coming over the next few months. It will be interesting to see how they find it...especially the compost loo. We have had no rain and the water store is getting very low...will have to order a water delivery before the first visitors turn up. Kev has put a time limit on showers to 3 minutes (yes it is possible) so that we can collect the water and use it on the garden.

The garden is really suffering...a lot of the veggies have bolted (lack of water) either that or they are really stunted and not worth having. Next month we are planting the winter veggies again as they seemed to do better in September onwards. But it´s a learning curve and we have learnt a lot this year!

First time we have had children to stay with us (Kev´s grandchildren). Realising that we need some kind of barrier around the edge of the terrace. We are talking about some kind of railings perhaps to match the herb garden wheels as it all looks so square...need to soften the edges. Kev´s oldest grandson loved looking after the chickens, feeding, watering and cleaning them out. He is a star considering he was only 5!!!!
We went and bought some new chickens so now we have 7...just need a cockerel now and we can breed!!!
Also had the kitchen plastered by Kev´s daughters (Becka) now have plastered walls!!!