Running up to much to do...trying to keep the weeds in check and building a couple of vegetable beds out the back ready for the spring planting. We have used old wooden poles to make raised beds and as we have a shepherd behind us we have got a lot of sheep dung to move!!!! lol

Kev has started to build the terrace walls but with the land not being level it is taking forever to get the first course down...having to cut everyone with the will take a while I think.

We have found a different builder...he is Spanish and to be honest we are a little wary but can´t be any worse than the last lot we have had doing the pool (that is still no where near done). He is going to put french doors from the kitchen to the terrace and remove the single dingy door and should make the kitchen much lighter.

Came home from work and the doors are done...and they look fantastic. Kev got on really well with the builder as he was giving Kev tips about building the terrace...we will definitely be having him back as and when we can afford it!

Have sold my first Christmas pudding...10 euros...amazing...could become a regular income for us!

Christmas eve...been out and bought the suckling pig for dinner tomorrow. It will be cooked on a bed of laurel with some water...mmmmmm