The weather is warm and sunny. We are a bit worried because the rainy season missed us so we are getting low in our water stores. We are still working in shorts as the weather during the day is so warm...about 20 degrees.
We have planted seeds ready for the spring using pots we made out of newspaper. We are using these because they will rot down in the soil and so are environmentally friendly.

The fruit trees have lost all their leaves and again look like sticks. We have decided to carry the rock theme on, building circles around the trees to make it easier to mulch and water them.
We are still weeding the garden and generally having a tidy up, but the ground is so hard its almost impossible to pull up the roots of the weeds.

The strawberry bed looks rather worse for ware, as the chickens have been all over it and they have decided they like them to eat. They have also decimated the spinach and curly kale so we have had to place nets over the plants to keep the chickens off.