Wow things are moving on now. The shell of the garage (new bedroom) is almost complete. The water pipes are in place for the bathroom and the new compost toilet has been ordered. We decided that this would save on water as it is a very scarce commodity here. If it does what it says on the box then we should be making compost for our garden and saving water...brilliant.

Kev is cracking on with the terrace. He has nearly finished all the walls (but he looks knackered) so we shall be moving rubble and stones in soon so that we can concrete over the top.

We had visitors again...they bought kev 3 chickens, trouble is the cockerel has now turned aggressive towards us. It isn´t really funny as if we have children he could do some damage but Kev goes in the pen with a board to stand behind to stop the cockerel from attacking him!