Only having Friday, Saturday and Sunday at home is taking its toll on both of us. We seem to be chasing our tails all weekend. This is so not good but we want the money, catch 22 I think people call it!!!!!
Our weekends are spent cleaning out the chickens, weeding, making paper pots for seedlings and sowing crops. It´s getting frustrating because all the work has stopped and will not start again until March.

The new sausage maker and meat slicer was delivered...first lot of lincolnshire sausages made...lovely!!!!

Got a visitor coming for a long weekend. We are working Thursday but will be with her for the rest of the weekend.
Started to rain...Yeah!!!!!!!!...bad news it flooded the new bedroom. We have the water storage that is fed from the roof of the house. The pipe from the roof runs down the inside of my walkin wardrobe...because it has been so dry we didnt think to check the pipe and it was water everywhere. It didn´t rain for long but it absolutely hammered down for about 20 minutes. We will get someone in to change the pipe to outside in the very near future.
We made chorizo while my friend was here. The shepherd called in and showed us what to use and how much. We also made fresh goats cheese too with his help.

Oh and by the way the bathroom is now fully kitted out...have a look!