Doesn't seem like much has been achieved this week. Kev is still working on the bathroom but now most of the tiling is finished, just the shelves and ceiling to put in.
Brick and diagonal pattern      New flooring                             Sink back in place

It is looking much better that the concrete effect but seems to be taking an age. I think even Kev is getting fed up with it as he is making excuses to do other things instead.
If you remember back a few weeks we tried to make lye water for soap making. We just couldn't get the strength needed. So this week we started again. We decided to soak the ashes for a few days before letting the water run out. We are still waiting!
We have been keeping an eye on the readings on the electricity since having the panels put onto the frames. We have found the input has increased 5 fold. Our batteries are now full most of the time. We are now experimenting with what we can run without the generator being on. So far the only thing we cannot run is the iron! This is fantastic...almost like being back in England and as the days get longer and the sun higher we shall be generating more power!