New Years eve again. New year dawning...we wonder what this next year will bring. It is lovely to have this blog...we can now sit down and look back at the different things we have done over the year. We tend to get a bit stuck, feeling like things are not improving. We get used to changes very quickly and its easy to forget just what we have achieved so this blog makes us realize just what we have done.

Got up this morning and started to dig the garden. But neither of us felt very well so only an hour was done. We then had the shepherd turn up for almuerza...breakfast. I cooked a bacon, onion and cheese omelette  and Modesto brought cordero...young lamb. He cooked it with garlic and it was lovely but did nothing for our enthusiasm of starting work again once he left.
So the rest of the day we sat inside with the fires lit feeling sorry for ourselves. We even cancelled going to the new years bash a friend had invited us to!