Oh my goodness, just over 2 full months since I have published a post. Life is just so busy, I don't seem to get 5 minutes to myself anymore. I am not complaining as this time I am getting with mum is priceless. I just cannot believe how fast time passes. 
The weather here has been hot, hot, hot. We have had 20c nights and 30c or more days. It is a bit too hot for mum to sit out in it without shade and even with shade she struggles some days. The bonus at the moment is that she is still using the pool although she is beginning to find the metal steps hard. Sometimes I have to help her get out. We have decided that this coming winter we are going to build steps down into the pool and put up hand rails too that she can use. We are also hoping to build a platform in the shallow end that she can just sit on if she wants to.

This past few weeks mum has seemed quite settled during the day. Since lock down we seem to have got into a routine that keeps mum calm and happy. She sits out in the garden, reads, does her puzzle books, helps fold washing, sometimes helps to prepare the dinner and loves to do the washing up. She seems to have about 2 days a week where she is up at 6am and the rest of the week it is 8am or later.
Since my last post Kev has celebrated a big birthday. We should have been away but that was cancelled so I organised a small get together here at the house with a few friends that mum knows well. It was a week after the new normal kicked in so it worked well. We had a lovely night, mum really enjoyed the company too. It took about 4 days for her to resettle after. It seemed that it really threw her routine after the event.

In the garden there is lots growing.we have the three sisters, corn, squash and beans growing together on one of the citrus terraces. Unfortunately the watering system wasn't working 100% and the pump gave up the ghost completely a week ago so a new one was purchased. We then realised how long it hadn't worked properly for. The beans have grown but not produced much, the corn has set cobs and they are just ripening. The squash has produced lots and still is. 

We are now in the process of replacing all the old water pipes around the garden with new. We got the piping from the local cooperative and are replacing a bed at a time. The bonus with this is that we can put the holes where we want them. We are placing them 25cm apart, but depending on what will be growing we may use every other hole say for cabbages and every hole for onions. This bed has been planted up with our onions grown from seed and sweet and spicy peppers.

All of the onions we planted at the beginning of the season have had to be pulled. Not enough water sends them to seed. The onions were not massive but that is not a problem. The smaller ones will be used for pickled onions whilst the larger ones will be used for cooking and salads. At least we had more ready to plant up and we have just planted another 500 seeds to grow on.

The guilds that I have been trying to build seem to be doing well. We have patches of green in the garden where herbs, asparagus, artichokes, rhubarb and summer veggies grow. When everything else is dead because of the heat it makes the green patches really stand out. I have been able to collect dill seeds to replant, chamomile flowers for tea, tarragon for cooking and lemon balm to add to our salads to name but a few.

At the front of the house in the space between the store room and Kev's shed I have built some raised beds. It has taken a while as it gets so hot here early and I have mum to deal with too. I am in the process of making them look more natural by rock facing them but I have to say I am quite proud of myself. Kev has built a pergola over the bed and we have sweet potatoes, cucumbers, peppers and melons planted. Hopefully the melons and cucumbers will grow up the pergola and have nets attached for the fruits, the sweet potatoes will be the ground cover and keep the moisture in and the peppers are the bush variety so should produce in the middles space some where.