Kev has moved down here full time and I am now on holiday...yeah!!!!!  We are beginning to realise that its a bit hot here in the summer but the house stays relatively cool so siestas are taken every afternoon in the hottest part of the day

We have been trying to sort out the mess of a garden. The last owner put up fencing everywhere so Kev is spending his early mornings (6am start) taking it all down.
The garden is now very dry and barren...don´t quite understand how plants will grow in this heat but we will try. Without mains water planting vegies and fruit could be a bit of a disaster. Future plan - to dig a well and set up watering systems around the garden - but this costs day!

Garden the beginning

Oh the water pump has decided to stop working and so no water in the house again!!! Don´t quite know how much more of this bad luck we can take. Feels like we are back to square electric and no running water.
Taken the pump to the local shop to be mended, a week he said...I hope so.

It´s now the end of July...2 weeks without water...getting fed up doesn´t describe it. We are beginning to wonder what we have taken on!!!!!!