Oh dear the garden is really suffering...some plants are ok like the brassicas, but the potoatoes we had to dig up because it was just too hot, they were dying. The beans have flowers but do not seem to be setting, we have had one bean from 60 plants!!!! I think that we will have to rethink our planting schedule for next year

We have a spanish friend visiting to help us with the work...he is getting English practise in payment for the work. We have cleared the garden of weeds and tried to render the walls of the terrace...but neither of us have done it before so not a brilliant job in the beginning.

We are going to paint it white and then grow grapes along it to hide all the concrete...as doesn´t look very eco friendly!

Second job was to build the terrace steps...my friend and I have the lovely job of raking up stones to fill each step before concreting!! Hot and hard work.