Beginning of July and the shepherd arrived for breakfast, he even brought it with him...lamb...on the bar-b-q, with red wine, bread and salad. He gave us ideas about the fly problem on the terrace...if it works I will tell you about it!

We have found a new bar in Casinos...and they cook a mean steak!!!! We think we will be frequenting this bar often.

My parents have gone and the house seems very quiet. Even the dog is missing them.

Kev is now spending his time rendering the seats on the terrace and by the looks of it, it will be a long job!

The fly problem is solved...thanks to the shepherd...and all it took was a plastic bottle with 4 cigarette holes in it. Put a little water in the bottom of the bottle with a little meat. The flies love it...go in and die!!!

A bottle just made!

A bottle haning on the terrace.
Now you may think that these bottles would stink, after all they have rotting meat in them but there is no smell as the holes are so small. The flies go in, attracted by the smell but they cannot get out!