Ok so today is the first day of our running blog. About 9am this morning I looked down the land and saw 2 deer walking. They stopped and doubled back and then walked across again. About 10 minutes later I heard voices and dogs barking, the hunters were out! No wonder the deer were panicking. I am sure it is not the hunting season yet, so the hunters should not have been out. Did think about reporting them but since I don´t know the hunting season dates thought better of it! (I am such a coward!)
The chicks that are now 9 days old have wing feathers and tail feathers too. From previous experience I will say that another week and they will be flying out of the box that is their home. This is when they go outside during the day and come in at night and we have a job to get them in and out as they move really fast when they are small, and George (the dog) is just waiting to get one for a snack.

. First offerings from yours truly!!!!. After the hurried building of the turkey house and enclosure, I managed to get back to rendering the seats on the terrace. Its turning into a longer job than I envisaged as im trying to slope the back at a slight angle. Id not long finished when our nearest neighbour--Antonio---arrived with his welder. He then proceeded to weld a crack on the hinge of the gate for us, We are hoping that the turkeys will put themselves to bed tonight, as its getting to be a bit of a chore walking down the land in the near darkness to usher them in....is there something wrong with house I built them?????