The last two days have been very hot, so not much work completed. Both days we got up at 6am to clear blue skies and you can just tell it's going to be roasting!
We have been starting work at about 6.30am and working till about 8.30am as by then it is just too hot for the manual labour.
We spent yesterday digging out more soil and rocks for the raised bed. At this rate it will be September before it is full! As it was too hot to do anything we decided to go to Casinos Market looking for material and to Valencia to buy flooring for the bedrooms. We also bought 36 new solar lights for the garden...they were a bargain! I have put them in the raised beds around the edges, they should look quite effective when dark arrives.

This morning we moved the 2 chicks and poults out onto the land. They were getting a bit big for their run so we have given them some freedom to roam. Cranberry doesn't seem interested in them at all, which is good, as we did think she may attack them. We attached their run to two pallets. We placed a plastic cover over the top mainly to give them shade. It will also keep the rain out although we shouldn't be getting any more of that for a few months.


This is only a temporary solution to a problem that has arisen as they have grown so fast. A proper house will be built for them before the rains arrive in October.

The rest of the day was spent laying flooring in one of the spare rooms and staining skirting boards ready to be fixed to the walls at the weekend.


This photo doesn't really do it justice. It's not as red as it looks but it is now all ready for the skirting.
This evening when it had cooled a little, I went out into the veg patch and pruned the tomatoes and the squashes. Everything seems to be growing well so far this year but we still have the hottest month to contend with, August, so we shall just have to wait and see how the plants out the back fare in 40-45 degree heat!