Ok...we have had the builders in...cheating I know...but with working 150Km away, and needing the house liveable by end of June was a must. We had the bathroom moved into a spare bedroom...the hallway moved to extend the small bedroom, a wall knocked out in the kitchen to extend that room and all the electrics rewired...the house now looked like a tornado had gone through it...and my parents were coming to stay for a weekend!!!!  

These are photos of the work in progress!!!

These are finished!!!

Ok you can see, almost a kitchen...this was bought second hand from someone getting a new one...one to save money and two recycling of everything was a must to leave a smaller carbon footprint and save resources. What we did buy was a new worktop as the old one had the sink in the wrong place for our kitchen size.
Also while I was away Kev began tiling the bathroom as a surprise when I got home...you wouldn´t believe how much all this work meant to us...fitted kitchen...running water and an indoor shower!!!! Fantastic

Kitchen and bathroom photos

We have decided now that we are so easily pleased...these two things and we are jumping for joy!!!!