My last month at work...very sad because I love my job...but I need to be at the house full time so that we can finish jobs. The tiling is getting there but seems like we have been doing it for months not weeks. The weather has really got hot now and yes I have actually ventured into the pool...and its lovely!

The garden seems to be suffering in the heat...the salad crops seem stunted...not enough water so we have started to water twice a day now...poor Kev because that is his job. I planted some artichoke seeds and they are really taking off...they look a bit like massive thistles...they are beginning to produce heads, even though all the books say they don´t in their first year. They also say cut them and throw them away...don´t know why...I made artichoke soup...lovely.

Terrace tiling is almost complete now...shame the grouting isn´t. It´s now too hot to work past 10 am so we are getting up at 6am to get some work done before the heat stops us. Siestas are a must in this heat and its easy to fall asleep in a cool room when it´s roasting outside.