This month we have my parents coming to visit. They will see a vast change from last time hopefully all for the better.

Our neighbour (well across the bridge) brought us 2 turkeys today. We have had to put them in the goat house until kev and build them their own. The cockerel keeps attacking the Tom but I am sure he will retaliate one day! Hopefully the pair will mate in the spring but now we need to do lots of research because we know absolutely nothing about turkeys other than you eat them at Christmas.

My parents arrived safe and sound...they brought lots of goodies with them so a bit like Christmas here on their first day. I now am the proud owner of two bottles of southern comfort...but i suppose they won´t last long!
Dad has sorted the wire problem on the terrace so no longer do we have to plug the water pump in...we now have a switch in the kitchen ... we are posh!!!!

The two men have at long last put up the wind turbine and it is working well. It stops and turns out of the wind when the batteries are full. Does what it says on the box!!!!! So hopefully now we will be generating electricity at night too!

Kev has started to build the seats on the terrace and with Dad´s help they have put up the worktop. Now we need to get some kichen cupboards to go on the wall.

We have put old sponge on them and covered them with duvet covers until my friend comes to make the cushion covers in August. Improvisation at its best!

I went shopping and found a table and chairs for the terrace...but now the winds have picked up so the umbrella needs to be weighted down. One afternoon we found the smaller umbrella on the roof of the bar-b-q it was that windy, but good for the wind turbine!