Another busy month has passed us by, seems like this year is flying by. May has been a bad month for me. It marked my dads birthday and his passing. To say I have struggled to keep going does not really explain how I have been feeling, but my dad loved coming here and helping, so I have tried to keep busy to stop my thoughts and feelings overwhelming me.
The weather here is very odd. We have had lots of rain. It is now June, it never rains in June but the last 2 days we have had storm after storm, with torrential downpours and even hail the size of ping pong balls!
The rain has been good for the garden. Everything is thriving. The fruit trees look really green and healthy, the veggies are producing abundantly and we have been able to grow new seedlings and plant seeds in the garden too.

May has seen us try something new. We bought 4 strawbales and placed them around the back of the house as this area gets the most shade in the summer. We soaked it for 10 days, then covered it in compost from the sheep we collected. We planted up our salad crop, a few melons and put some carrot, spinach and onions seeds in too. With all this rain it seems to be doing fine. The seeds are beginning to sprout and all the plants have survived.

We have had a really inventive time too, making a new raised bed infront of the shed. We have planted this up with climbing roses to cover the shed walls, lavendar, sage and a pretty plant for ground cover. I don't know the name of this plant but it has lots of different coloured flowers on it an looks like a succulent to me.

We had a real problem with green and black fly this year. So much so that the garlic spray didn't even touch it. Our poor peach tree looked like it was a gonna so I planted garlic around the base as a last ditch attempt to keep it. It has grown new shoots and is looking quite healthy, garlic is definitely the way to go.

Our one raspberry plant has now become 3, with little shoots appearing all over the perma bed. We have dug these up and moved them to the new fruit bed at the front by the gate. We are hoping to use the fence to grow them up next year. The 3 original plants are beginning to give us raspberries. There is nothing like picking fruit to eat straight away.

Our potatoes seem to be growing well, they are in flower. We shall be eating new potatoes soon. I planted these with squash and bush beans as companions. The squash are flowering too with a few small fruits forming and the beans are beginning to flower. Normally when the temperature goes over 30c the flowers on beans do not set but hopefully the shade provided by the potatoes will stop this and we will get some beans for the first time!

We have been clearing another bed of weeds an planted this one up with root veg. It has been covered in straw to conserve the water. Hopefully the straw will dry out but the soil will stay damp underneath. The seedlings should be able to push their way through to find daylight and the straw will break down and feed our root crop as they grow.

We have completed the upgrade for the rabbits in 3 of the four runs.  We have decided to plant herbs and trees into these runs to allow the rabbits a bit more choice of food. We have planted seeds and now we wait for them to sprout.

This is the males run. We left the weeds hoping they would grow through the soil.

This week saw 10 new arrivals to our little small holding. These are all male turkey poults to fatten up ready for Christmas. They were very unsure in the beginning but 2 days later they are loving their new home and freedom.
On a final note, we put eggs into the incubator a few weeks ago and this morning we got up to 2 new chicks. These 2 are the strong ones as they are not due until tomorrow. Hopefully we get more by Tuesday.