Fencing has been ordered and should be delivered just in time for the Fiestas here. Fallas is a massive festival here in Valencia...at least a 4 day holiday from work.

We are now extremely worried about the water situation, still no rain. We will have to have a delivery in the very near future.

Kev is off work for 2 weeks due to Fallas. So hopefully the fencing will be done.

I spoke too soon, the electricity system is playing up again. The batteries are not charging with the generator. This is not a problem if it is sunny, but when it is cloudy we run the generator to keep the batteries topped up. Got a friend coming later today to check out the system.

Oh no...now the pump is sticking on and using what little electricity we have. Kev is very stressed!!!!!!. He has decided to run the extension lead from the pump to the kitchen so that we can switch off the pump. This means I plug it in when i need water and unplug it when I have finished...at least I still have water!!!!

Our friend says we need a seperate battery charger to make sure the generator is charging the batteries, another 100 odd euros.

We had a full pig delivered on Friday and spent the weekend making all sorts of things; chorizo, morcilla (Spanish black pudding), faggots, sausages - lincolnshire and apple ones, pork pie and brawn. Luckily in a past life Kev worked in butchery so we got loads of joints off it. We are salting the hocks for bacon joints and also the belly to make bacon. My freezer is full!!!!!