Fencing is finally finished and chickens are really happy running around on the land. So are we because our vegetables are starting to make a comeback.
We have frozen broad beans in baby pods and just the beans, curly kale, turnips and peas. We have been picking spinach and eating it all ways, my favourite being spinach and salmon lasagne. We have been picking the artichokes for soup and the strawberries too (not for soup though).
Kev has started to build planters for our summer salad crops so that we can put them along the back of the house in the shade. Hopefully that way they will grow and produce.

Kev has just finished building two hutches for the rabbits we are going to get and breed. Then he just needs to build a run for them. His work never ends!

We have just bought a new incubator that uses 18w to run. Thats is 2 energy saving lightbulbs worth. So we now have egg in the incubator and in middle of June should have chicks.