Swimming pool is not finished as promised and cannot get hold of the builder... watch this space.

Kev has decided to extend the shed. He has never built anything this big before so it will be a test of his skills. However, I have more faith in him completing the shed before the builders complete the pool!!! Let´s hope I am wrong!!!

Kev´s shed

Builder turned up ( but not to do the pool!!!!)  with a chicken he had found at the side of the road. They are social animals so it is unfair to keep her on her own...going to the shop tomorrow to buy a friend for her. Kev will also have to build a pen for them to live in as our dog is not too fond of them!!!!
Now have 2 chickens...roastie and pots...pecking order fight going on and Pots is losing badly!!!!

Planting out cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli ready for the winter...so hopefully fresh veg for Christmas.

Got the water pump back today and it still doesn´t work. Went and bought a new one as I was at breaking point. We now have running water and I can have an indoor shower...yeah!!!!!!!