This month we have some things that carry over from last month. We still cannot find the unglazed pots we need to set up the watering system, it is getting worrying now as we will be planting out at the beginning of March.  Also we have not had time to make the cold frames. We may get around to it this month but if not it will have to wait until the Autumn.

We are going to try and take cuttings of the grape vines to plant in the rock planters at the front of the house. We tried taking them when the books recommended it but they all appeared to have died. We thought if we did it as spring approaches that perhaps they may grow. We will keep you posted.

We started the 6 week rolling program  for the chickens on the 2nd. So the eggs should hatch around the 24th or 25th. We will then put more eggs in the incubator in March.

We shall be planting out the onions, carrots and salsify straight into the root bed. This will be towards the end of the month, hoping that all the cold nights have finished.