A long time since I have posted here. We now have a well and so the garden is our priority this year.

This month we are planting up our vegetable seeds. We have planted a range of brassicas, with peas, beans, kale, sunflowers, chickpeas and a range of herbs.
We have got some of our seed potatoes sitting on  the side trying to get them to chit. This means that the part of the garden we will use for the potatoes will need clearning of their ground cover.
We have strimmed the garden for the first time this year as the rains and sunshine have encouraged them to grow fast. As well as this we have given the garden a  tidy up, sorting wood piles for use on the fires, getting rid of rubbish blown in by the winds and any stuff that got damaged.
We have pruned back our blackberry plants to 3 stems to grow along the fence.  They are now starting to bud and show signs of life.
Also weare building a new permaculture bed on the first of the raised terraces. It is having a wood chip path to conserve and hold water, with raised beds at different levels. We are putting manure on the gardens ready for the spring plantings.