This month there is so much to do in the garden here in Casinos near Valencia. The first job is to dig and clear all the vegetable beds that are going to be planted up this year.
We have 4 big beds so that we can rotate the planting each year and always have one bed fallow that we add manure to. This enables us to keep the plants free from most diseases and allows us to grow organic vegetables.

As you can see the remaining 3 beds are very over grown but it wont take many days to clear them. If this is your first time preparing a bed for veggies be careful that you don't do too much. Give yourself lots of time to prepare before the seedlings go out, as you won't be able to look after them with pulled muscles!

Also this month we are planting seeds indoors. One of our spare bedrooms is going to be our seed nursery until the plants are big enough to be put into their position in the beds. We have found that this enables us to utilize the rains and conserve water.

As well as this we are going to try and set up a watering system for the 3 beds to save time this year. Normally we spend an hour or 2 watering with a watering can. Hopefully this month we will get pipes placed that will water the plants by flicking the leaver on the massive water container we have just acquired.

We also want to build cloches to enable us to grow salad crops all year round. As we have been replacing the windows in the house we are going to use the old ones to make the cloches. Recycling at its best!

This month we have found is the best month to mulch our trees and fruit bushes so this is another job on the January list.