This month is all about seeds and preparing the beds for planting. 
All the vegetable seeds will be planted up in paper pots, toilet roll tubes or old yogurt pots. The seeds will be kept outside during the day, but inside at night. Depending on temperatures they will either be stored on the covered terrace or if it is going to be really cold, in the kitchen. This stops us from having to harden off the plants in the usual way. We just leave them out at night as the weather warms up. 
Most of the beds this month will get some sheep dung added on top of the soil and a layer of mulch on top of that. This helps replenish the nutrients that the plants take out when growing and will help stop evaporation from the soil. Since we have added sheep dung to the beds every year it has changed from dry sandy soil to a rich dark soil that stays moist even in the height of Summer.
We are also going to set up some of the garden with a watering system before we plant up this Spring.