Another  month gone and basically we haven't finished one thing on the February list. We have found the pots now and today we have heard of a way to get them to Spain free of charge. So hopefully by the end of this month we should be ready to go with the watering system.
The weather here this month has been so cold...and predictions for the next week are the same. This will mean the seeds will not go in until it warms up a little at night.
We did have success with the chicks. 4 hatched on the 22nd and they are strong and healthy. We have also found out that the turkeys are laying too now...we just need the female to go broody and more chicks will be running around the land.

This month we are going to look for ducklings and goslings to add to our livestock. There won't be any babies from them until next year. Before we get them Kev will have to build another 2 houses.

The seedlings are growing well. The spinach and the mange tu are almost ready to go out. Next will be planting tomatoes, rosemary, thyme and lavender.