This months jobs are trying to prepare the garden for the colder weather. 
We need to get lots of dung to put onto the beds, all except for next years root bed. This will be spread across each bed and left to break down over the winter. We also need to get lots to mix in the new raised bed to allow that to break down ready for planting in the Spring. The top soil that we have had delivered is made up of clay so we also need to mix in a fine gravel for drainage. If we don't do this before planting, the soil will dry out too fast and the veggies will die!
All of the trees need to have straw placed around them and a mulch put on top. The mulch stops the strong winds from blowing the straw away. As the straw and mulch break down this feeds the soil, giving the trees the nutrients they need and hopefully fruit production will increase again next year.

The straw will also act as a barrier against the freezing weather and keep the roots healthy.
The pepper plants are beginning to lose their leaves. We are going to try to over winter them in the garden. We need to place something over them to give them shelter from the frosts and wind. We are thinking about using the little chicken run for this, placing old windows on the top and fixing a fleece material to the netting. 

The peppers

This is what we are thinking about using as a make shift cold frame.

The grape vines are losing their leaves too. By the end of this month they will need pruning to ensure maximum growth next year.
All of the plants in pots need to be moved onto the covered terrace. This will keep most of the freezing temperatures off them, allowing them to go dormant over the winter. 

We have peppers, chilies and different herb cuttings.