This month we have been generally tidying up the garden. We have cleared out the old Summer squash and tomatoes that have finished producing.
Digging the garden over quickly just to remove any weeds that have taken hold and digging up the last of the Summer carrots and beetroot. We do not store these, we use them as we dig them up. This is because we are able to grow them all year and they keep in the ground just fine.
We should have pruned the almond trees last month, but time ran away from us, so that is also a job to be done this month.
Our pepper plants are still producing but we will need to build a cold frame for them if we want to keep them going for a second year. I am picking the peppers about twice a week now, we have stored them in the freezer for use in the winter.

The tomato plants around the garden are looking slightly worse for wear but they have loads of tomatoes on them so I have just pruned the finished stems and left the tomatoes to ripen. I store these in the freezer too. They are fine if you just want to cook stews and sauces with them.

I have tidied up the herb wheels, pruning the mint, sage, oregano, basil and thyme for drying. At this time of year here it encourages new growth and for the sage bush stops it getting woody.
We have some brassica plants that will be planted out this month too. This will be our winter and early spring vegetables.
Also I planted some potatoes into large pots at the beginning of this month. As the shoots appeared I have covered them with more compost. The pots are now full and will be left now until Christmas. Hopefully we will be getting new potatoes to go with our turkey.

You can just see the green shoots poking through again.