enero 2, 2013
We have had great success here with beetroot and as a consequence we have had to find new ways of eating them as there is only so much pickled beetroot you can eat. We have roasted them with Sunday lunch, fried them to make crisps, put them in a sort of pie and even eaten them raw in salads. Also the younger leaves can be used as spring greens. They are full of vitamins and are very good for your health. They are much more versatile than we give them credit for.

In the books they say plant in April, but here that is far too late. We plant the seeds into paper pots in January and keep them on the terrace bringing them in if a hard frost is predicted.
We then plant them out end of February, beginning of March, in time for the Spring rains if they come.
The books say thin the seedlings, we do this by pulling the smaller beets giving others room to grow larger, although this is only if you plant straight into the garden. We have found using the pots enables us to ensure every plant has enough space and also does not leave gaps where seeds have not germinated.

We tend to grow the globe varieties as our soil is not very deep. You should keep them watered when it is hot to stop the roots from splitting. This is why we do 2 plantings so that the first crop is fully grown before the very hot season. This enables us to eat it all year round. We have pulled beetroot fresh from the ground in January as it seems to be hardy enough for the little frost we do get here.

We are developing our knowledge of companion planting and we are going to plant onions with the beetroot this year. The onions will hopefully keep the bugs away from the beetroot.


Globe Artichoke

diciembre 30, 2012
We planted seeds and they grew. All the books say that it is all but impossible to grow these from seed and if you succeed it will be 2 years before a crop appears. We have found this information to be rubbish. I had artichokes in the first year, about 10 from 8 plants.
The books say a light loamy soil...we have a clay based soil but we did add lots of manure before planting. This is perhaps the reason that they are thriving.

Planting time here is January inside and end of February outsi...
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January 2013

diciembre 30, 2012
This month there is so much to do in the garden here in Casinos near Valencia. The first job is to dig and clear all the vegetable beds that are going to be planted up this year.
We have 4 big beds so that we can rotate the planting each year and always have one bed fallow that we add manure to. This enables us to keep the plants free from most diseases and allows us to grow organic vegetables.

As you can see the remaining 3 beds are very over grown but it wont take many days to clear them. If ...
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