It is amazing how fast time flies without you realising. We are almost at the end of September and we have been so busy here that I haven't had any time to update this blog for you. We are going to start again from this month. I am going to try to write on here at least once a month, with an update if time allows.
This month we have to pick and husk the almonds. The picking bit is fun. You get to hit the tree with big sticks and the nuts fall in the net that is placed around the bottom of the tree. The actual picking doesn't take too long, it's the husking that is a complete pain. 

At the beginning of the month I planted out more courgette plants that I had sown in August. The temperatures are falling slightly and the plants can grow quickly. However the summer squash plants that have been in place since the spring have begun to sprout again. This means we could be trying to jar the glut in October!
Weeding the existing plants is a daily job that occurs as and when we go to pick or prune the plants. It seems to be never ending at this time of the year. We are expecting the rains soon and that will just encourage more weeds to grow. 

I am going to plant out more carrots, beetroot, kale, swede and turnip this month to keep us going over the winter. I sow these plants from seed straight into the ground as they seem to grow better that way. 

Some of the tomato plants are almost finished. We are just waiting for the last of the fruit to ripen and then they will be pulled up and composted.

I planted out more basil plants that I grew from seed over the summer this month, hoping the cooler days will encourage it to grow fast so that next month I can begin drying it for winter use.